about me

hello hello.... i am sophie, but many online call me 'sombie'. i am an aspiring painter and artist, born in 2006 in Taiwan where i was raised until my mom moved us to America to avoid a kidnapping charge per my father (lol). i'm mixed latino and east asian (pt, tw), and i can speak mandarin!

about my art

i like to draw! i think id say painting is my favorite medium, because that field holds my primary interest and is a form im deeply interested and invested in mastering, but often times ill be scribbling either on paper or on my little pentab enough squiggles to consist a picture; a picture of my mind even. when it comes to the themes ilike to explore in my art i think i really hone in on grotesque and rather grim tones, a lot of the time i dont have the guts to draw the things i think about (which is a good thing, honestly) but id like to say a lot of my drawings have a somber and almost desolate sense to them. its something i strive for in my art, depicting emotion and my emotion in enough strokes or lines that it comes together as a collage of feeling. i take a lot of inspiration from artists who create a feeling like that in their work, ive often aimed to match the feeling in particular artists work in my own in the hopes id create my own feeling. i actually learned how to paint from referencing various artists methods? which is common for artists online, but im more or less not proud of that upcoming.

about the site

i created this site on December 16, 2021 as a means to house my work as well as just, mess around with. css and html writing has become one of my favorite past times in the past couple months and this site is like my baby, a baby with my digital mind... its become an integral part of how i represent myself online. id like to use this site to talk about things that are important to me as well as things i think are meaningless but could talk about anyway, things that i think are stupid and things that i wont admit are stupid.

programs? i typically use clip studio paint to draw anything that comes to mind, sometimes i indulge in mspaint for the funnies

pronouns? i use he/she pronouns exclusively, i dont mind 'they' from strangers

interests? apart from art i really enjoy computer sciences and cybercrime, as well as a fast developing addiction to cinema and batman, also cowboys... just like 12 year old me would have wanted