this site is under very heavy construction!
you will notice many new things both appear and disappear


WELCUM TO MY SITE! here is where i hope to be the home of my artwork for all eyes to grace upon, as well as what inspires it or more personal things about me like photos i take, music i like, meta essays i bullshit, AND MAYBE MUCH MORE. i think diverging from social media is important to having a healthy mindset online and having a personal page for hosting art, text, opinions, and etc. is really awesome, just having a site you can personalize and fill to your every whim is very entertaining, like your personal treasure trove on the web

this site will always be a work in progress, check out my tumblr NOW!!!

  • please note that many links on this site lead to many unfinished or not yet created pages, and were added in advance as a means of organizing. sry!

viewer discretion is advised: i created this site so i could express my opinions and talk about anything controversial without censorship

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  • Index: Overelaborate sitemap
  • About: About the artist, my art, and the site
  • Gallery: Explore my work
  • Links: Various external links


  • Archive: An Archive of My Stuff
    • DVD Library: an asorted collection of my favorite owned films burned on CD
      • Various Slasher & Horror Classics
      • Cult Classics from 1980-2000
      • Assorted Batman Films
      • Everything starring Jim Carrey
    • CD Collection: All the CD Albums I Own
      • Dead Kennedys: Give Me Convienence or Give Me Death
      • Dead Kennedys: Iguana Studios Rehearsal Tape - San Francisco 1978
      • The Best of Earth Wind & Fire Vol.1
      • QUEEN: Greatest Hits
      • Gorillaz: The Now Now
      • The Beach Boys 1967: Sunshine Tomorrow
  • Music Playlists: a library of assorted songs and albums
    • A compilation of Japanese and Korean Hyperpop
      • Jun Togawa, Junko Yagami, NASTYONA, KikuoHana, Taeko Onuki
    • Assorted Punk Rock and Metal 1980-2010
      • Dead Kennedys, System of a Down, Metallica, Rob Zombie, GRLWOOD
    • Electronic Dance Music (EDM), Breakcore, and Deathtrap
      • Sewerslvt, Freddie Dread, Machine Girl
    • Alternative Rock and 2000s Modern Indie
      • The Buttertones, Gorillaz, Tame Impala, Jack Stauber


  • (6/24/22)
      • added a grid portfolio navigation for future pages to select work
      • added an outline to the middle
      • overall shifted the theme a little... much work to do though
    • updated some css
  • (4/30/22)
      • new theme: background, border, etc. to accustom a notebook page tone
      • removed sidebar, replaced with sticky-note index
      • moved fun facts and contact to a different container spaced to the right
      • added fun little pngs
    • Fixed some broken links
    • Added header to indice
  • (4/24/22)
    • bruh i changed the whole site theme
    • the sidebar too
    • got damn
  • (4/7/22)
    • Reconstructed and Re-Added the GALLERY page
    • Changed the font color in the UPDATES table to a nice #A9BDDF
    • thought about my life
  • (4/1/22)
    • Redid the whole MAIN page to include spacers between tables and adjusted some font colors in the mega-link section (that doesnt have any actual links)
    • Created more links that lead to nowhere pages
    • Added some arte to the main page to act as a banner
    • Made the navigation sidebar exclusive
    • Added a hit counter
  • (3/30/22)
    • Rennovated the ABOUT and LINKS pages with a navigation sidebar
    • Gave the ABOUT page its own css sheet so I could give it a different background (mm starz)
    • Added DOKO DEMOS NavLink Ads to some pages
    • Added my site buttonto the LINKS page
  • (3/28/22)
    • Added my site button to the LINKS page
    • Added another site banner I had made a while ago to the INDEX
    • Added my socials to the ABOUT page
  • (3/26/22)
    • Rennovated every findable 'li' and 'ul' tags
    • Set the INDEX sidebar to attach to the side of the page block completely, or at least it looks like it
    • Revamped the LINKS page to be a two by two grid
    • Edited the ABOUT page with more about myself and a different background
  • (1/26/2022)
    • Put my dog on the ARCHIVES page
    • Revamped the whole site into a dark mode, added a graphic of myself to the INDEX, added a SAY NO TO WEB3 button on the INDEX that i highly encourage everyone click and read on
  • (1/23/2022)
    • Revamped the INDEX
    • COMMISSIONS page
    • added some of my own new graphics
    • changed the title of the INDEX to be just MILITARIA
    • updated the GET OUT page
  • (1/21/2022)
    • Compressed the tables and containers on the INDEX as well as the ABOUT page
    • Added a navigation table, some more stamps, yuri GL on the ABOUT, and a cat
    • Added a GET OUT page where i'll add buttons and banners to external sites as well as my own in the future
    • Changed the 404, ARCHIVE page
  • (1/20/2022)
    • Moved the update box beneath the extra sidebar ive set to host anything "extra" to this site like shrines or external links
    • added pixel art of my character CHARLIE to the INDEX like the sexy piece of meat she is
    • added a self portrait of myself to the ABOUT page as well as an extra table beneath the main container to put buttons and blinkies on idk
  • (1/17/2022)
  • (1/16/2022)
    • Revamped the INDEX by moving the update log beneath the main container and added a little 'updates' tab
    • Changed the link and hover colors to one of my favorite shades of blue and yellow
    • Added a background tile, created a column for the buttons but its not currently aligning properly, probably because of the css file? idk
  • (1/14/2022)
    • Added a self portrait sticker to the ABOUT page, moved the container to align properly as well
    • Added the GALLERY page, extremely empty but i'll pat myself on the back for doing it at all
    • Edited the margins on the existeing tables to fit appropiately on fitted screens
  • (1/14/2022)
    • Tried using z-index elements to create aligning images i could write text over in place of using tables, did not work
    • Discovered the transform css and added buttons on the side of the INDEX container! also replaced the "header" images of sorts with an old drawing
    • Redid the marquee, will probably change again in da future
  • (1/12/2022
    • Changed the default font on all pages to monospace (courier new) and got rid of the 'open 24/7' sign on the land page with a nice little star divider, one of my favorites actually. I think ill also add a selfportrait to the ABOUT page on the side and maybe a table elaborating on my person?
  • (12/31/2021)
    • Added 'updates' section. oh wow you're looking at it now! also tweaked some things on the existing pages of this site.
  • (12/29/2021)
    • Added 'ABOUT' page, i think. its a little empty but thats okay